The streets of Pyongyang were packed with thousands of people on Friday (1 December), hailing the recent launch of the ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) Hwasong-15. Newly released photos of the official event show the successful missile launch was celebrated with fireworks and dancing.

The photos also show hundreds of North Korean soldiers gathered in Pyongyang as the reclusive nation's ruling elite, in an official ceremony, reportedly delivered speeches, congratulating the scientists and technicians who worked toward developing and testing the missile.

The Washington Post cited the official North Korean news agency KCNA as having reported that "dancing parties" broke out in Pyongyang and there was "great joy and excitement" among North Koreans because of the recent missile launch.

Some of the photos show people dancing in a square in Pyongyang, while others show the North Korean army lined in regimented rows, clapping as fireworks light up the evening sky.

North Korea is known to stage grandiose events in capital Pyongyang, especially following a provocative show of its weapons. In August, the reclusive nation staged a rally that saw thousands of North Koreans seemingly protest fresh UN sanctions on the country. In 2016, the dictatorial regime celebrated the long-range rocket launch with fireworks and a parade.

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