Kim Jong-un
Anti-North Korean leaflets showing pictures of Kim Jong-Il (C) and Kim Jong-Un (R) Getty Images

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un finally made eye contact with the world when he visited a newly built residential district and scientific establishment early on Tuesday 14 October, confirmed state media.

The news released by the official KCNA news agency had no mention of the leader's prolonged absence.

KCNA said that Kim was briefed on the Wisong Scientists Residential District "before a map showing its bird's-eye view" and that he then "overlooked it".

"Looking over the exterior of the apartment houses and public buildings, decorated with diverse coloured tiles, (Mr Kim) expressed great satisfaction, saying they looked very beautiful," the agency said.

It also said that Mr Kim visited the newly built Natural Energy Institute of the State Academy of Sciences.

Despite the news being dated Tuesday, it does not state exactly when Jong-un conducted the visits.

"Our scientists are patriots who are devoting all their lives to building a rich and powerful nation," said Kim, as quoted by Reuters.

After making his first public appearance after going missing for over a month, the 31-year-old has proven false all the rumours surrounding his health and power shift.

Jong-un made his last public appearance when he was seen attending a concert with his wife on 3 September.

After missing a key political anniversary on Friday and a recent session of the country's parliament, many speculated that there might have been a shift in power though regime watchers and a North Korean diplomat insisted that he is still the man in charge and in best of health.

Several interesting conversations surfaced over social media after the North Korean leader went on his leave of absence.

North Korea, intriguing question: If Kim Un dead or incapacitated, he has no son to succeed him. What would be source of legitimacy?

— Robert Manning (@Rmanning4) October 13, 2014

Kim Un getting sex change. Becoming N Korean royal queen

— Maile Contact (@contactmale1) October 11, 2014