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Kim Jong-un is in good health, according to a North Korea official Reuters

A North Korean diplomat has insisted there are "no doubts" about Kim Jong-un's health.

A spokesman for the Hermit Kingdom in London was asked if Jong-un was healthy and replied: "no doubt about it."

The comment to the BBC was the latest by the regime about Jong-un, following his disappearance from public life. The 31-year-old has not been seen since September 3.

Pyongyang initially said he was suffering "discomfort" – possibly the result of overeating Swiss cheese.

Last week, an official said there was nothing wrong with Jong-un during a rare visit to South Korea for the Asian Games.

His absence has sparked rumours of a shift in power at the summit of the Stalinist regime in charge in North Korea. A clampdown on travel in to and out of Pyongyang fuelled rumours of a coup.

Hard information on what is really happening has been next-to impossible to collect, but regime watchers reckon Jong-un has not been ousted.

However, the latest remarks by the regime figures raise the question of what is the cause of Jong-un's absence, if he is healthy as they claim?