Northern Arizona University
There has been a fatal shooting at Northern Arizona University's Flagstaff campus Minh-Kiet Callies/Flickr

A shooting at Northern Arizona University left one student dead and four others injured in the early morning of Friday 9 October. The suspected shooter is now in custody, a university spokesperson confirmed, although the motive for the shooting remains unclear.

The shooting is said to have taken place near the University's Mountain View Hall dormitories at their Flagstaff campus. University officials posted on their Twitter page at 10.29am GMT to confirm the incident and urged dorm residents of the dorms to stay indoors.

Some people have criticised the university for failing to alert students and staff earlier, saying that their notice went out one hour after the shooting took place. Others questioned why text alerts had not been sent.

A university spokesperson has said the situation is now "stabilised" and that the university is not on lockdown.