Nick Cassavetes
Nick Cassavetes and ex-wife Heather Wahlquist at the Alpha Dog premiere - File photo Getty

In a series of emotional pleas to fans, famed Hollywood director Nick Cassavetes has sought help to locate his missing daughter, 13-year-old Barbarella.

Explaining that he has not spoken to the teenager for over a month, the 58-year-old filmmaker further made a shocking claim that his ex-wife is "hiding" Barbie and keeping her away from him.

"Where is my baby? Why won't her phone turn on? Why has she been stolen from me?" Cassavetes shared via social media over the weekend, as relayed by the Mail Online. "Is she okay? Does she know I love her, that I miss her everyday? Does she know that I'm coming and will never stop coming?"

The concerned father shared the post along with a picture of his teenage daughter. He also reportedly filed a missing complaint with the police in which the father-of-three put the blame on his ex Heather Wahlquist. According to reports, he alleged that she disobeyed court orders and ran off with their daughter.

"My 13-year-old daughter Barbarella Cassavetes has gone missing, her mother repeatedly ignoring and disobeying court orders and stipulations. Heather Wahlquist is on the run, refusing to let me see Barbie, ignoring mandatory court appearances, and evading law enforcement," Cassavetes told TMZ, sharing his ordeal.

Asides naming his ex-wife, The Other Woman director also blamed his in-laws over the disappearance of his daughter. "We believe her family, grandmother Linda Massad and great aunt Jeanette Massad Anderson have been assisting in hiding Barbie and have also been served ... I don't know if she is okay or not, and I am extremely concerned for her well-being," the American director-cum-actor told the gossip site.

His emotional social media messages regarding the whereabouts of his teen daughter continued on Sunday.

"What kind of person keeps a kid away from their father on Christmas? Thank you for all your notes of support, if anyone sees Barbie or knows of her whereabouts, please call the Norman Police Department 405 321 1600, the Cleveland County Sheriff's Department 405 701 8888, or the National Child Abduction Hot Line 800 843 5678. Thank you and Merry Christmas, everyone..."

Cassavetes, who has several hits to his name including Alpha Dog and My Sister's Keeper, tied the knot with Wahlquist after divorcing first wife Isabelle Rafalovich. With Rafalovich, he shares two daughters — Virginia, 31, and Sasha, 29.

It is not clear if Cassavetes and Wahlquist are legally separated but media reports noted them as former couple.

Meanwhile, following the flurry of posts, the American actor and a good friend to Cassavetes, Charlie Sheen also followed suit and tweeted out to his fans seeking help in finding Barbie.