Nottingham man David Honeybell has been handed a community order and told not to go near his wife after he set fire to her clothes and posted naked photos of her on Facebook.

Honeybell, 49, of Wollaton, admitted torching her clothes and committing a "revenge porn" attack after the couple ended their 23-year union when she started a relationship with another man. Appearing at Nottingham Magistrates' Court, he also admitted to a charge of harassment by sending her 18 text messages and leaving six voicemails on 16 June.

Prosecutor Sumaiya Khan told magistrates: "He found out his wife had been having an affair. After finding this out, he became upset and, in anger, decided to burn her clothes. He said there was no explanation other than anger to explain his actions."

During his trial, it emerged how Honeybell's wife doused the blaze with a hose pipe but to no avail and the belongings, which were in a suitcase, were destroyed. Honeybell, who is from Northumbria, told magistrates he was "upset and sorry" for burning his ex-wife's clothes on 4 June and told reporters outside the court he was acting on impulse and he regretted his actions.