Not sure what to do with your unruly children while travelling through the Channel Tunnel on Eurostar? Now you can entertain them with virtual reality (VR).

Eurostar has launched a VR experience called "Eurostar Odyssey", which enables travellers to explore a virtual world of ocean creatures, sunken treasures and mysterious seascapes as they head off on holiday this summer.

During peak travel times for families, Eurostar will be distributing special custom-designed VR headsets that passengers will be able to use with their own iPhone or Android smartphones, connected to the Eurostar's onboard entertainment system.

The entertainment system will be available on all Eurostar e320 and e300 trains, together with free Wi-Fi to stream over 300 hours of TV shows, films, documentaries, news and games to users' devices.

When the VR experience opens, travellers are taken on an immersive adventure by ocean explorers Rose and Benoit. The roof of the virtual train transforms into a glass ceiling revealing the underwater world around the user. Apart from exploring the sea and looking at aquatic animals, users are treated to stories about pirates and lost treasure, get to meet mermaids and have a chat with an octopus.

"Travellers are always asking if they can see the fish when travelling through the Channel Tunnel, and we're really excited to make it possible as the first travel company to give its customers an immersive 3D experience," said Eurostar's commercial director Nick Mercer.

"Throughout the summer we'll be giving younger travellers free headsets so they can enjoy an exciting adventure under the channel, so as the summer holidays begin, why fly when you and your family can have so much fun travelling by Eurostar?"