A Birmingham man who nonchalantly fired a gun into a crowded Birmingham pub after being turned away for being too drunk has been jailed for nine years.

Lee Embley, 42, admitted nine charges including firearms and ammunition offences and dangerous driving offences following the incident outside the Harborne Stores on the High Street last January.

After getting into an argument with the door staff when they refused to let him in around 9pm, Embley returned and pulled a black revolver form his waistband and fired into the air before calmly walking away.

The bullet smashed through an upstairs window where children sometimes slept, but thankfully no one was present at the time.

Embley, who claimed to have drunk eight cans of strong cider and eight double brandies on the night of the shooting, then got into his car and drove away.

When he was spotted by officers, Embley sped off at speeds of up to 80mph in a 30mph zone for nearly three miles before crashing into a 'no entry' sign.

Dramatic released by West Midlands Police shows Embley calmly firing into the pub. Following his arrest, Embley claimed he was so drunk on the night in question that he did not know where he was when he woke up in a police cell.

Appearing at At Birmingham Crown Court, Embley has now been jailed for eight years for firearms and ammunition offences and another year for dangerous driving. He was also banned from driving for six years.

Lee Embley
Lee Embley has been jailed for nine years for the drunken shooting West Midlands Police

DC Ian Leech, from the complex crime team, said: "This was a completely reckless shooting which could easily have resulted in the death of an innocent bystander.

"Embley then put further lives at risk by driving while massively over the limit and it is by luck rather than fortune that no one was seriously hurt or killed.

"Thanks to the excellent police work by the two firearms officers who spotted the car and then put their lives on the line by confronting Embley, we have taken another weapon with the potential to kill off the streets.

"Gun crime is a top priority for West Midlands Police, and the sentence handed down shows that anyone who thinks it's acceptable to carry or use these deadly weapons will face the full force of the law when they are caught."

Lee Embley
Lee Embley said he was too drunk to even remember the incident West Midlands Police