JJ Lin, a Singapore based singer, has a massive fan base in China. During his tour in China, he was admitted to a hospital with a high fever. After his stay at the hospital, the staff tried to auction off medical waste which was generated during his treatment. The hospital has reportedly suspended the identified staff members.

The Mandopop star recently started the China leg of his Sanctuary 2.0 World Tour. However, on October 26th, the singer had to be admitted to a hospital in Jiangsu, China, after he came down with a high fever. The dedicated pop-star concluded his performance before being admitted to the Zhenjiang First People's Hospital. At the hospital, he received an intravenous drip.

After Lin got treated, staff at the hospital behaved in an extremely unprofessional manner. Videos of nurses lying down on the bed which Lin had occupied were shared on a closed WeChat group. Members of the group were mostly hospital staff.

JJ Lin
Singapore based singer, song-writer JJ Lin https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jjlin_pic003.jpg

According to the Mirror, staff members encouraged other employees to visit the room after Lin left. The seemingly harmless hero-worship took a turn for the worse when some staff members decided to auction the star's medical waste.

A drip bag, syringe and cups used by Lin were being auctioned off on social media.

The Straits Time reported that Lin had been diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease (HMFD). HMFD is a common disease in children while adults can also be diagnosed with it. The extremely contagious disease can be spread by coming in contact with the bodily fluids of the contaminated person.

The 38-year-old singer took to the stage in Chongqing, China on November 2 to inform his fans of his illness. He shared the information that he had the contagious, treatable disease due to which he would not be very active in the coming days. He also warned the fans about the medical waste being auctioned by the staff. Any fan who might have bought the medical waste could catch the disease from him.

Mao Zhenwei, chief executive of the hospital, ensured that the medical waste had not been sold. Zhenwei confirmed that the waste had been disposed of. 11 staff members related to the breach of the pop star's privacy have also been suspended.