Lacey Sponsler
Lacey Sponsler, 34, was arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure Pawhuska Police Department

A high school choir teacher has been arrested for indecent exposure after performing a cartwheel in front of an entire class of students while not wearing any underwear, police in Oklahoma said.

Substitute teacher Lacey Sponslor, 34, who was wearing a skirt but no undergarments at the time, was said to have been filmed performing the stunt at Pawhuska High School by a student on their phone.

Her skirt "flipped up" during the cartwheel causing her genitals and buttocks to be exposed to students, police records show.

The Pawhuska city police department said Sponslor was taken into custody for questioning on Tuesday (31 January) on suspicion of indecent exposure.

Sponslor told police she was "just dancing" with the students and "trying to be a cool teacher" during the alleged incident on 27 January, according to police documents.

But a 17-year-old female student alleged Sponslor had told the class she was not wearing any underwear before attempting the cartwheel, and that she had also been "talking about using drugs".

A statement issued by Police Chief Scott Laird on Tuesday said: "On today's date we were made aware of an incident which had allegedly occurred during a high school choir class.

"It was alleged that a substitute teacher had performed a cartwheel, with no undergarments on, which caused her to expose herself to the students in this class.

"This act was captured by a student on their cell phone. This substitute was taken into custody this afternoon by our Department."

Pawhuska police say she remained jailed on Wednesday morning (1 February).