An Oklahoma man has been charged with child-abuse murder after he slammed a 21-month-old's head against a wall because the toddler would not stop crying.

The court documents filed against Zachary Collins stated that he was asked by his girlfriend to babysit her three children while she was busy at work on Friday (8 December) night. He allegedly became angry with the young child after he refused to stop crying and slammed him against a wall, leaving a hole in it.

Collins said that he was "frustrated with [the 21-month-old] for not allowing him to sleep". He also allegedly punched the child in his stomach, the Daily Mail reported.

Police said the man was charged after he appeared in court for a separate domestic assault case. Initially, Collins had said that one of the other children had pushed the toddler from a bed onto a concrete floor, resulting in the injuries.

Collins, however, later admitted to the violent act that resulted in the toddler's death at a hospital the next day. Police, in a possible cause affidavit, described the boy's injuries as "massive blunt force head trauma and internal bleeding, as well as abdominal trauma".

Investigators also said that the man had a six-pack of beer and a half pint of tequila before he committed the crime. Collins has been held without bond in the Tulsa Jail. He also has three drug-related convictions in addition to the ongoing domestic assault case.

Fox 23 News reported that the district attorney is currently cracking down on the rising case of child abuse in the area by also charging mothers, who leave their children with their partners knowing that they are abusive and violent.

However, in this particular case it's not immediately clear whether the child's mother will be charged or not.