Once Upon a Time season 6
Lina Parilla as Evil Queen in Once Upon A Time ABC

ABC has released a chilling poster for Once Upon A Time season 6, teasing the return of Evil Queen. The official OUAT Twitter page shared the poster for the upcoming season, which shows actress Lina Parilla in her evil avatar, with the slogan: "Long Live the Queen".

The fairy tale drama will return on 25 September and the premiere episode is titled, The Savior. According to executive producer Edward Kitsis, the season will introduce the Land Of Untold Stories, which will open storytelling avenues to "everyone."

Kitsis told Entertainment Weekly, "What's funny is in the pilot if you watch when Emma sees the wolf that stops her from leaving town, the book flips open and we see all these worlds. It's time to tell new stories, broaden the show and move forward."

When asked why these stories have not yet been told, Kitsis pointed to something Hyde [who resurrected Evil Queen in season 5 finale] had said. "As he said, I need a place where these stories can play out, which would make me think for some reason they weren't being played out, they were pushed on pause," the producer shared.

Previously, actress Lana Parrilla spoke to EW about playing dual characters – saviour Regina and Evil Queen – in season 6. "I think it's still being discovered by all of us. Really, what it is, it's not split personality, but it's like two separate Reginas – the Evil Queen and the hero Regina.

"So it's gonna be really fun to play both sides in a different way than I have in the previous five seasons 'cause I've always played two sides. She's always been both, but she's never been split," Parilla teased.

Once Upon A Time returns with season 6 on Sunday, 25 September at 8pm ET/PT on ABC.