A Japanese man counters the notion that a person needs to do hard work in order to make a living. For this guy, literally doing nothing means earning big bucks.

People may find a 37-year-old man a total enigma the moment he tells them that he gets paid to do nothing. But for Shoji Morimoto, it is as real as it gets. In Japan, he is offering himself up for rent, not to do any form of service or any odd job, but basically to do nothing.

Using his Twitter account, the "do nothing" guy is offering his unique services for a whopping £70 per transaction. Obviously, the client has to shoulder his expenses for travel and meals a well, said Independent.

From the time that he began offering his services in 2018 up to the present, Morimoto confessed that he has already received around 3,000 requests and now sees three to four clients a day. Many may find his job a bit unusual but he already has an astounding 260,000 followers and is almost always booked.

The Twitter bio that captured the attention of his customers was, "I will lend you a person (me) who does nothing."

"During the services, I accompany my customers on whatever they need me for. I answer their questions, listen to them, nod when needed," Morimoto told VICE. He added that it was a bit embarrassing at the start but he also got used to it as time passed by.

In a span of more than two years, Morimoto's "do nothing rental service" has already taken him to a host of places in Japan. It has also allowed him to experience a lifetime's worth of adventures. It even made him so popular that a Japanese TV series titled, "Rental Nan mo Shinai Hito" was inspired by him. Of course, he has been featured on TV so many times already.

Through his "do nothing" job, he has already gone to Disneyland with a client, and has been on a helicopter, simply because his client wanted someone to accompany him during that trip.

There are also cases when he would end up simply listening to clients. He has already listened to an unfaithful individual who had an affair and has experienced accompanying someone in filing divorce papers.

Man rents himself up to do nothing. Photo: Pixabay

Morimoto believes that his services are needed because people just wanted the presence of a human being. There are just so many out there who long for someone whom they can talk to and Morimoto is there to do nothing but listen to them.