Michael Salmon
Michael Salmon was a former consultant at Stoke Mandeville Hospital Thames Valley Police

A former doctor who was found guilty of raping girls at a hospital where Jimmy Savile also abused patients has been jailed for 18 years.

Michael Salmon, 79, was found guilty of nine indecent assaults and two rapes against six girls aged between 12 and 18 at Stoke Mandeville hospital in Buckinghamshire.

The offences took place between 1973 and 1988. Salmon denied all the allegations against him, claiming they were "sexual fantasies" made up by "gold diggers".

Police described Salmon as a "prolific sexual offender who abused his position of power in order for his own sexual gratification".

Det sgt Malcolm Wheeler, of Thames Valley Police, added: "As a consultant paediatrician, he preyed on young girls who had been referred to him for a variety of health issues.

"They trusted him, they believed him, because he was a doctor and they thought he was trustworthy.

"On a number of occasions, he carried out unnecessary internal examinations on young girls. Although they felt uncomfortable at this, they didn't feel able to tell anyone because they believed the examinations must have been necessary.

"Some of the offences were committed while the child's parent was just outside the room.

"They have had to live with his actions their entire lives and it is only because of their bravery that Salmon now faces a long time behind bars.

More allegations have emerged against Salmon since the trial at Reading Crown Court began. Police said they are now investigating the latest claims.

He was struck off the medical register in 1991 after he was convicted over three counts of indecent assault against three female patients.

Adrian Foster, chief prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service Thames and Chiltern, said: "Michael Salmon used his status to molest these vulnerable young girls and women who felt unable to complain as he was a doctor, and many of whom only bravely came forward after seeing other cases in the media."

He was sentenced to 18 years for one count of rape, 10 years for a second rape and two years each for nine counts of indecent assault, all to run concurrently.

Salmon was arrested in November 2013 under Operation Yewtree, the Met Police investigation into sex offence allegations set up in the wake of the Savile scandal.