Looking at the latest trends in wearable technology, Apple appears to be the most dominant brand out there. The AirPods and AirPods Pro are currently the best-selling true-wireless earphones. Furthermore, the Apple Watch Series is the most popular smartwatch model as well. Android device manufacturers have been accused of copying certain elements from Apple such as the iPhone X notch and Face ID among others. Meanwhile, reports claim that the Oppo Watch looks exactly like what the American tech company offers.

News of its arrival comes shortly before the launch event for the Oppo Find X2, which is slated for Friday. The Chinese tech brand shared a small teaser on Twitter which shows the overall form factor of the upcoming wearable. Judging by the picture, it is clear that almost everything resembles that of the Apple Watch Series. Meanwhile, analysts noted that the device relies on a design taken from another product, which might not make it appealing for consumers.

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On the other hand, Android users could be interested to give it a try. Nevertheless, the Oppo Watch does look like a knockoff of the Apple Watch Series. Gizmodo highlights that other Chinese companies such as Xiaomi and Fitbit have been using the same aesthetics for their respective wearables as well. Aside from the promotional image, there are no details as to what this device offers differently.

A quick glimpse will immediately remind people of the Apple Watch. Even the wristband seems like the ones used by the original. However, there is a notable difference with the button placement on the Oppo Watch. Instead of the digital crown, which is used to take users back to the home screen or to scroll through lists, control slider bar functions, and zoom in on pictures or maps, it comes with two buttons only.

Oppo Watch launching with Oppo Find X2
Oppo Watch teaser shows a design that mimics that of the Apple Watch Photo: Oppo

Furthermore, a closer inspection will reveal that the screen curves more aggressively on the sides. From what is shown on the promotional image of the Oppo Watch, it is likely that the wearable will support LTE connectivity for calls and other functions. Closeup photos shared by company executive Brian Shen shows a microphone pinhole and a thin green line on the lower button. In a few days, the product will debut alongside the latest flagship handset for 2020.