One police force in Oregon may be used to the sound of screeching but after following up one complaint about noise, they found it came from a surprising suspect.

Beaverton Police tweeted a picture of one of their officers standing next to a a colourful parrot perched on a car's wing mirror.

While there are almost 400 different species of parrot around the world, the pictures posted by the force appear to show the bird appears as either a scarlet macaw or red-and-green macaw.

The former are renowned for their incredibly loud screeches that they use to communicate with across large areas with their groups.

"Ofc. Boliek responds to a noise complaint," the tweet read, "Turns out it's a 10 year old parrot named Bird who loves to talk".

It seems the imaginatively named Bird has some trouble keeping the noise down.

"Yes! Parrots do love to chat." Ceithleen McAnnoudh wrote on Twitter before adding that the it was a "beautiful macaw", while another user just commented "chatterbox".