The originals season 2
The Originals season 2 episode 12 airs on February 2nd on The CW. TheOriginals/Facebook

The Originals' season 2 storyline is all about the Mikaelson brothers and their fights. In the next all new episode, things get very tense as Finn tries to unearth Klaus's weak point.

Episode 12 is titled Sanctuary and will air on 2 February at 8pm on The CW.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

In the previous episode titled Brotherhood Of The Damned, Finn comes close to finding out Klaus' secret (his daughter Hope) after torturing him and Elijah in a dream trap. Marcel is bitten by a werewolf and hallucinates about fighting the Germans in France in 1918.

The episode delves into Jackson and Hayley's marriage traditions. Klaus discovers that as part of Hayley's pre-marital ritual ceremony, she will be forced to smoke a plant that would allow Jackson access to all her secrets, including the fact that the daughter she and Klaus had is still alive.

The promo of episode 11 shows Klaus at the Bayou, looking for Hayley to stop her from going ahead with the marriage ceremony.

The 30-second video also shows Finn torturing Marcel to give up Klaus' secret.