Orlando Bloom gushes about his pregnant fiancée, Katy Perry, who he says is not bothered at all by her pregnancy and continues with her work as usual.

The "Carnival Row" star rained praises on the singer in an interview with the Associated Press. He said that aside from the "giant belly," no one would have known that Perry is pregnant because she is business as usual.

"She's a force of nature, obviously, as we all know, as everyone knows," Bloom said of his fiancée, who is in her third trimester of pregnancy.

The 43-year-old Australian star added that Perry is doing "great" and that she has been "really impressive" in handling her pregnancy. She does not consider it a hindrance to her work.

"There's no complaining. She's just all about it. It's pretty awe-inspiring to see the way she handles herself at this time. It's just business as usual," Bloom revealed.

I’m starting to look like shrek now just forewarning u

— KATY PERRY (@katyperry) May 27, 2020

Despite being very "impressive" in handling her pregnancy, there were also days when Perry struggled with it especially with the cravings. It was particularly hard for her because of the quarantine conditions amid the pandemic. She revealed in a May interview that she craved Indian food and anything spicy that she could put in her mouth.

"I have never wanted more spice than I want in my life now. So it's all about spice, how hot can my mouth get," she said.

Then, she had to reconsider giving in to her cravings because of the pandemic. She had to think twice lest she risked her life and the life of her unborn child.

"Everyone talks about cravings when you're pregnant and for me, I think about cravings but I also think about 'do I want to risk my life getting that craving' so it's all like really intense thoughts that are supposed to be light and bright and you're like arghh. You know, there's so many levels of uncertainty and it's really a one day at a time type of thing," Perry explained.

The "American Idol" judge is expecting her first child with Bloom. This will be the second for the actor, who is already a father to his son Flynn, 9, with ex-wife Miranda Kerr. Perry hinted at her pregnancy in her music video for "Never Worn White" and later announced it during a Twitter Q&A with fans. She said that she is expecting her baby girl to come out in the summer, along with her new album.

Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom says pregnant fiancée Katy Perry is handing her pregnancy impressively. Jemal Countess/Getty Images for UNICEF