Footage has been found from inside the Orlando gay club where 50 people were murdered by gunman Omar Mateen on Sunday (12 June 2016). Snapchat videos sent from inside Pulse nightclub by Amanda Alvear, who was today confirmed as among those killed in the shooting, show revellers enjoying themselves and dancing before shots ring out across the club.

The videos were shared from the Facebook account Stichs Nbc, who says she is a friend of Alvear's, along with the words: "Found out thru snapchat my friend Amanda Alvear was there at Pulse last night. Tried calling and texting and still haven't gotten a reply."

Mateen began shooting at around 2am on Sunday. He was drawn outside by a policeman on duty in the club, then returned to continue the killing spree inside. He used more than one weapon to carry out the deadly attack, in which people attempted to flee the building while others hid in bathrooms.

Both Alvear's sister and brother discussed the death of their 25-year-old sister on social media, confirming she was killed in what is the worst mass-shooting in recent US history.

Ashley Velez paid tribute to her sister on Facebook, writing: "I'm without words. Amanda Alvear I love you baby girl. You were and will always be my baby sister. I'm so heart broken. Rest In Peace BabyGirl. Amanda Alvear a loving Sister, Aunt, God-Mother. You could make anyone's day with the smile of yours. I still can't believe this."

Her brother Brain Alvear added: "My gorgeous sister 12/12/1990 confirmed passed 06/13/2016. Goodnight and thanks to everyone."

Vigils have been held by LGBTQ communities across the world to in light of the attack, which was described by US president Barack Obama as an act of terror.