Osama Bin Laden's son Omar was refused entry to Egypt, airport sources claimed on Saturday (17 December). The 34-year-old had been travelling with his British wife, Zaina al Sabah.

According to Reuters, no reason was given as to why Bin Laden was listed as banned from entering the country. The couple had previously been denied entry in 2008, despite having lived in Egypt for some time during both 2007 and 2008.

Egypt is not the first country Omar Bin Laden has had problems with accessing, having previously been denied entry to the UK, where he planned to take up residence with his wife, near Northwich in Cheshire.

Reports at the time suggested the application for residency was turned down because of the anticipated public outrage it may cause.

Omar Bin Laden had been free to travel in other EU states.

Speaking at the time the story broke, Omar Bin Laden's lawyer said: "[It] seems that an individual's rights have been overridden by newspaper articles and his biological relation relationship to his father."

The refusal was thought to have been based on an interview in which Omar Bin Laden said he could not be 100% certain that his father, Osama, had been responsible for the 9/11 and 7 July terrorist attacks in New York and London.

Omar Bin Laden is said to have severed relations with his father in 2000, a year before the 9/11 terror attacks destroyed New York's Twin Towers.

Speaking to the Associated Press in 2008, Omar Bin Laden told of his desire to be an "ambassador for peace". However, he said it was not always easy, faced with the stigma of being the son of the infamous Al-Qaeda boss.

He said: "It's about changing the ideas of the Western mind… lot of people think Arabs, especially the Bin Ladens, especially the sons of Osama, are all terrorists. This is not the truth."

Osama Bin Laden was killed by US Special Forces after a 10-year international man hunt in 2011, at a compound in Pakistan.

Omar bin laden
Omar Bin Laden, son of Osama Bin Laden, and his British wife, Zaina al Sabah-Bin Laden, talk during an interview with Reuters in a Cairo suburb January 23, 2008. The couple said they have been travelling around Egypt for the last few months while waiting for Omar's visa he applied to the UK to be approved. REUTERS/Asmaa Waguih (EGYPT)