oscar pistorius
Oscar Pistorius spoke of his wish to leave South Africa for Mozambique Reuters

Oscar Pistorius has revealed what he wants to do after serving his sentence for killing Reeva Steenkamp.

The 27-year-old revealed hopes for a future far away from the public eye during therapy sessions with mental health expert Dr Lore Hartzenburg.

The former Paralympian wants to leave South Africa where he has been convicted for Steenkamp's death and firearms charges.

Speaking at Pistorius's sentencing hearing in Pretoria, Hartzenburg said: "He said nothing would make him happier than to go and work with children in Mozambique."

An uncle of Pistorius runs a school located about 1,140 miles from the South African border in the large neighbouring country of Mozambique.

Pistorius's motive for wanting to leave his home country appear obvious in light of court testimony about the effect upon him of Steenkamp's death and his trial.

Dr Hartzenburg told his sentencing hearing that the former track idol is haunted by negative public opinion about him and is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

She detailed harrowing therapy sessions with Pistorius since Steenkamp's death. He collapsed weeping in to her arms several times and has little prospect of recovering from the incident, Dr Hartzenburg said.