Oscars 2014 rolled out a reasonably predictable winners list. While Gravity and 12 Years a Slave won big, The Wolf of Wall Street fans were left disappointed.

The big moment came when the best actor award was to be announced. There was a tremendous buzz through social media about Leonardo DiCaprio's chances of finally bagging an oscar. However, that did not happen, giving way to another year of Dicaprio-losing-Oscar memes.

The Wolf of Wall Street actor was a favourite to win the coveted golden statuette this year. With the internet rooting for him, DiCaprio must have been hugely disappointed when Matthew Mcconaughey's name was announced as best actor. Well, there's always next time.

The other awesome Oscar 2014 moments included:

Host Ellen DeGeneres' Take on Wizard of Oz Tribute:

Jennifer Lawrence Falls Again, This Time on Red Carpet.

Is she really that goofy or extremely social media savvy considering that her last year Oscar tumble generated as much interest as her winning the best actress.

Ellen DeGeneres 'Superstar' Selfie.

Ellen DeGeneres threw on open challenge to netizens when she asked them to make the super selphie she took (below) the most retweeted one ever. challenge was accepted and won. The photo is on its way to break the world record of most retweeted image, according to Total Film.

Photobombs are clearly the award seasons trend and the Oscars 2014 Photobomb Award goes to Benedict Cumberbatch: