To our countries video Syrian sisters singing Middle east
Sisters Faiayo and Rihan performing in the To Our Countries video on Middle East conflicts Facebook

The video of two Sweden-based Syrian sisters singing and reciting poetry about current conflicts in the Middle East has gone viral.

Faiayo and Rihan have become an internet sensation as their video has been seen more than 600,000 times on YouTube in six days.

The footage, entitled To Our Countries, depicts Faiayo singing and Rihan reciting poetry about the ongoing war in Syria, which has claimed more than 190,000 lives since its eruption in 2011.

"Syria...three years and more, of crazy, selfish and illogical war. Three years in which souls, hearts and minds have been destroyed," read the English subtitles of the video.

"A war in which women and children were sold in slave markets and which brought nation's mothers to tears and exhausted its men."

Of the current conflict in Iraq, rocked by the insurgence of terror group Islamic State (also known Isis), the two sisters say: "There has been a liberation for more than 10 years, a liberation from injustice, oppression and tyranny, that came with a greater tyranny, injustice and oppression.

"A liberation where civilisations cease to exist. A liberation that enslaved people and demolished homes."

The pair than moves on to speak about Lebanon, which "has suffered all kinds of wars and aggressive invasions in the past 40 years."

Rihan says about Palestine: "More than 60 years of violations, and howls of generations witnessing the illogicality of yesterday, barbarity of today and fear of tomorrow.

Faiayo ends the video by singing the Mawtini or My Country, Iraq's national anthem, composed by a Lebanese musician and written by a Palestinian in 1934.

The video was created by a group of youths who live in Sweden and are originally from Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq.

"We saw news in different tv-channels, devastating and horrifying," Faiayo said in an interview with A Demand for Action (ADFA) - a global initiative aimed at protecting ethnic minorities in Iraq and Syria. "We wanted to do something. Rihan told me what's happening in the region. She is the journalist. And I started to sing, for every country she mentioned I came up with a new song."

Rihan said: "We try to unite the countries, the ethnicities and religions, not to divide them. We have translated the video into English.

"We want everybody in the world to understand how we feel and think. I am happy to be living in Södertälje, Sweden. Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac people from all over the Middle East are here, we are represented here and therefore we have a knowledge that very few others possess."

The sisters' performance has caught the attention of hundreds of people, with many defining the video "touching" and "sad".

A YouTube user said: "God bless you for this beautiful and eloquent message for justice and peace", while another commentator wrote: "Every word is true very sad."