Danielle Busby wants husband Adam are parents to a five-year-old daughter and the only all-female set of quintuplets in the US TLC

While many would think being parents to one baby is a tough task, it is difficult to imagine how Adam and Danielle Busby are handing their five-year-old daughter and their all-girls set of quintuplets.

Adam has previously confessed that he is struggling with male postpartum depression and now his loyal wife wants him to get help. "I know I might not be the one you want to talk to because you don't want to put any burden or anything on me," she told Adam in a sneak peek of the upcoming episode. "But I got to thinking that maybe it doesn't need to be me — it just needs to be somebody."

The mother of six is concerned that her husband's mental struggle may jeopardise her family. "Last night, Adam dropped this bombshell on me. He told me he was feeling anxious like he's got a weight on his chest. It's been going on for a while, and it doesn't just affect Adam. It affects the family, so it's hard," she explains.

Adam, however, thinks he feels fine at the moment and needs time to work out his situation. "Right now, it's just hard to even articulate what's going on. I'm not even sure I know what to say — it's not all the time. Like right now, I feel fine."

"I just don't want you to get worse. I feel like you're going to put a wedge in [between] us because something is bothering you," a concerned Danielle tells her husband.

Postpartum depression is a mental state that many new mums face after childbirth but last week the father-of-six made a shocking revelation. "After coming face-to-face with postpartum depression following the birth of our five daughters, I quickly learned that this is a very real struggle that dads all around the world go through, yet you rarely ever hear it talked about. I'd be doing an extreme disservice to our fans if I hid this from the public and wasn't honest with them," he explained about his emotional battle since the arrival of his five daughters.

OutDaughtered is a TLC show that documents the everyday life of Adam and Danielle Busby who are parents to America's first all-female set of quintuplets. The show airs every Tuesday on TLC.