"Outlander" season 5 finale is almost here. The show concludes with its highly-anticipated episode 12 and based on the events of the penultimate segment it is safe to assume that the show is going to go out with an explosion. Here is everything we know so far about the next chapter of the season.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "Outlander" Season 5 episode 12. Do not read further if you don't wish to know more about it.]

The events of the "Journeycake" saw several developments that took place in the autumn of 1772. Brianna and Roger decide to return to the future. Claire tells Ian the truth about Jem, Bree, and Roger belonging to the far future, 200 years later. Meanwhile, Jamie's denial to Brown's proposal for joining the Committee of Safety does not go down well with Brown & Co. and return to kidnap Claire from the Ridge. Meanwhile, Bree and Roger time travel through the stones and are shocked to see something that is yet to be revealed to the viewers.

Moving on to the final segment of "Outlander" season 5. The synopsis is out, and it teases an explosive finale. It reveals that episode 12 is titled "Never My Love." The events of the upcoming installment revolve around Jamie's rescue mission.

According to the official description of the episode, Claire is tormented by her captors and struggles to survive. Meanwhile, Jamie calls on his team and other men to launch an attack on Brown's army and rescue his wife.

Fans are assured the next hour will shed light on the Bree and Roger's journey through the stones and resolve the big cliffhanger. Unfortunately, there is not much that the synopsis reveals about their situation. Fans will have to wait until the next episode to find out what happens at the stones.

"Claire struggles to survive brutal treatment from her captors, as Jamie gathers a group of loyal men to help him rescue his wife; Roger and Brianna's journey takes a surprising turn," reads the official description on Spoiler TV.

An official promo teases the events for episode 12 and gives a glimpse of the torture Claire is put through by her enemies. Nevertheless, Jamie is determined to get his wife back.

Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) in Outlander Outlander/Facebook

"Outlander" season 5 finale airs Sunday, May 10 on Starz at 8:00 pm.