'Overwatch 2' will sport all-new character designs
Blizzard Entertainment confirms that "Overwatch 2" heroes will have a new look on top of the new game modes, maps, and other add-ons. Photo: Blizzard

While the first season of Blizzard's first-person shooter is still in full swing, players are already excited about the upcoming "Overwatch 2" Season 2 set to arrive next month. Here's what we know about the changes arriving next season.

'Overwatch 2' Season 2 release date

The "Overwatch 2" Season 2 start date falls on Tuesday, December 2022, as announced by Blizzard Entertainment during the reveal of the game in June 2022, according to TheLoadOut.com. The Season 1 Battle Pass will also expire on that date and will replace by the Season Battle Pass.

It is expected that there will be a period of downtime as the game transitions into its second season as Blizzard executes the necessary changes and updates to "Overwatch 2." Hopefully, the transition between seasons will be a smooth one, and there will be no connection issues similar to those encountered during the game's launch last month.

Kiriko and Genji's Cyberdemon Skin

Players who failed to reach Season 1 Battle Pass Level 55 and did not pay for the Premium upgrade will not be able to access the new Support Hero Kiriko, according to GameRant. Similarly, everyone who didn't finish all 80 Battle Pass Levels will forfeit their chance to get Genji's Cyberdemon Skin for free. Although this method hasn't been announced yet, Kiriko and the other Battle Pass awards will most likely continue to be available for purchase or earning in some other manner.

'Overwatch 2' Season 2 new hero, map

As Blizzard has stated, each even-numbered Season will always coincide with the release of a new character for players to master. Thus, one of the most exciting additions coming in "Overwatch 2" Season 2 is a new Hero.

Ramattra, a Tank Hero and the boss of the evil Null Sector Omnics, will be that character for Season 2. Ramattra, the brutal ruler of Null Sector, has connections to both Zenyatta and Doomfist, as was shown in his origin story and earlier reveal.
There hasn't been much information made available about Ramattra's abilities and kit. The new Tank Hero in Overwatch 2 will be able to transition between two different modes, each with its own abilities, armor, and health stats. One mode appears to be centered on medium-range poke damage, whereas the other is more of a Winston or Reinhardt-style brawl-oriented mode.

Season 2 is also expected to bring back the Winter Wonderland seasonal event as well as a new map themed to Ramattra, the leader of the Null Sector. Finally, players may anticipate some significant balance adjustments, since Blizzard has already said that the DPS passive Ability will undergo a significant overhaul.