Deputies at Linn County Jail, Oregon in the United States found an inmate hanging in her cell on March 11. The prisoner was 40-year-old Tina Ketcham, who had been arrested for the rape of an underage boy. Ketcham had raped the young boy on multiple occasions between 2015 and 2020. Her bail was set at $350,000 (£299,930) which the judge refused to lower to $50,000 (£42,886). Ahead of her trial, Ketcham was found dead in her cell.

The paedophile targeted an underaged boy who was known to her on multiple occasions. Police did not reveal the relationship between Ketchum and his victim to protect his identity. A court in Albany, New York heard how Ketchum sexually abused the minor hundreds of times. All the attacks took place between 2015 and 2020. The victim finally informed the police of the abuse he was facing early this year.

Ketchum was arrested on 25 February this year. For the years of abuse, she subjected her victim to, Ketchum faced six counts of first-degree rape, two counts of first-degree sex abuse, a count of first-degree sodomy and six other sex offenses. Prosecutor Keith Stein told the court that the charges against Ketchum represented only a small fraction of the abuse she subjected the victim to.

Ketchum denied all the charges against her.

Earlier in March, Ketchum had a bail hearing where her bail was set at $350,000 (£299,930). Stephen Doyle, Ketchum's defence attorney, while appealing for a reduced bail amount stated that she was at low-flight risk as she had stakes in a local business. However, the judge refused to lower the bail amount to $50,000 (£42,886) which Ketchum could have paid, The Metro reported.

Ketchum has another hearing later this month. Before the hearing, Ketchum decided to commit suicide while in police custody. On March 11, officers conducting their routine security check in the morning found Ketchum hanging in her cell at around 5:10 am. Linn County Sheriff Jim Yon stated that deputies entered her cell and tried to revive her. Albany Fire Department medics arrived at 5:18. Their efforts to resuscitate Ketchum failed and she was declared dead soon after.

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Paedophile hanged herself in prison after her bail plea was rejected. Reuters