Prince Andrew, who had to quit his duties due to public uproar over his association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, is not the only British royal who had a friendship with a paedophile. His elder brother Prince Charles was close friends with Jimmy Savile, a BBC presenter who was exposed as a paedophile after his death.

However, Savile who was awarded The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 1971 and knighted in 1990, had almost everyone fooled about his crimes. ITV's new documentary about the sex offender, titled "Savile: Portrait Of A Predator," explores how he managed to manipulate Prince Charles and others to ensure that he would be protected from the potential exposure of the crimes he had committed over several decades, as police would think twice before questioning the intents of a friend of the royals.

Savile started forming a friendship with Charles through his charity work, and then more informally. The documentary notes that the offender had become so close to the Prince of Wales that he could get into parties at Buckingham Palace, "wander at will" around St. James' Palace, and even turn up unannounced at Charles and Princess Diana's residence at Kensington Palace.

Richard Kay, former Royal Correspondent, said that Savile "inserted" himself into Charles and Diana's marriage "in the way that he was someone who made himself available," adding that the heir apparent also "liked having him around." Kay recalled, "He would turn up, Diana told me, at Kensington Palace, where she lived, uninvited and would manage to persuade the police on the gate, who never let anyone in without an invitation, to walk in. She said he would sort of come and say, 'well, I'm just here just to check up on you.'"

Kay added that Diana told him Charles used to "sort of quip" that if there was a problem that needed sorting out, they'll get Jim to do it because "Jim'll fix it," which she found "slightly unnerving." In addition, he would "walk in and drift around" Diana's apartment, and also go into her office to kiss the hands of the secretaries, sometimes "rubbing his lips" up their arms.

It's been claimed that the sickening celebrity carried out the creepy act on the Princess of Wales as well. Kay said, "He licked Princess Diana's hand and she recoiled from that. As she told me, it was something very creepy."

Former Royal Press Secretary Dickie Arbiter said about Savile's access to royals, "At the time Charles was gullible. I mean, I'm saying with hindsight he was gullible. At the time he was gullible, as was everybody else." Arbiter added that he had expressed concerns about some of Savile's "unsavoury" acts and didn't like the "ghastly" man from the start.

"I did voice it at the time saying it's not really on and I did say that man is dreadful. But he was pretty well established in government circles, with prime ministers of the day. And by being pretty well established, he was fairly untouchable," he recalled.

Charles or his household staff were seemingly unaware of Savile's crimes. His office has declined to comment for the new documentary. Meanwhile, "revolted" viewers took to social media to say that the hour-long programme containing never-before-seen interviews with key witnesses and investigators was so "horrible" and "sick" that they had to turn it off.

Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles
Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles