Paedophiles are coercing woman to give birth to children in order to give them easy access to their victims, a child abuse charity reports.

According to Mosac, a charity supporting non-abusing parents and victims of child abuse, around one third of all calls to their helpline are from women who have been groomed to bear children.

A joint report with Sky News reveals how one woman, named "Susan", was deliberately targeted by her paedophile ex-partner to give birth to a their daughter so he could abuse her.

She said: "He was very persuasive about me coming off the pill. So, I was groomed in many ways I think to produce a child for him.

She added: "When my youngest daughter turned round and said to me that he had abused her from the moment she could remember ... when she was in nappies ... that's when I was convinced that [he had her] to abuse her."

Her ex-partner was sentenced to five years in jail after he was found guilty of abusing her eldest daughter from a previous relationship. She is now facing a court battle to stop him from seeing her children following his release.

The courts will usually reject a parent's appeal to see their children if they have been convicted of a sexual offence against their child. However, there is nothing stop an abusive parent making repeated requests.

'Susan' is said to have spent £30,000 battling her former partner in the courts already.

Mosac said they have met with Justice Minister Simon Hughes MP in an attempt to change the current laws.

Hughes said: "We are absolutely clear that no child should be put at risk of abuse and the courts will always make the wellbeing of children their key consideration in reaching decisions on contact with parents.

"Robust protective orders already exist to remove or restrict parental responsibility in order to protect children.

"But we continue to keep this issue under close scrutiny to see if further measures are needed."