Video footage showed a landslide in Hunza Valley, northern Pakistan after a massive earthquake hit on Monday (26 October). The quake struck northern Pakistan and Afghanistan, killing at least 300 people, with at least 266 dead in Pakistan.

The landslide killed a local teacher who was on her way home from school, Pakistani media said. It resulted in a cloud of dust and blocked a road next to the valley.

About 11,000 houses have been damaged in Pakistan's northwest region due to the earthquake, but it did not cause widespread damage to infrastructure, authorities said.

The death toll could climb as road and communications links are restored to isolated villages and as winter sets in across the rugged Hindu Kush mountains where the earthquake struck, the plight of thousands left homeless is becoming more serious.

Monday's initial quake of magnitude 7.5 was followed by seven aftershocks, with intensity as high as 4.8, the US Geological Survey said.

Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif said a relief package would be announced after the damage had been assessed.