While interviewing live on the AnonUK radio show on 10 January, an organisation known as the New World Hackers, took down the Pakistan government's military site, Frontier Constabulary. The organisation has in the past targeted several websites, including the BBC on 31 December.

New World Hackers attacked the Pakistan government website by performing a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), which is when more traffic is channeled to a site than its limit load leading to the site crashing. In total, the group took down over 20 Pakistan government sites ending with .gov.pk.

The group was reportedly acting in support of Indian hackers, which it says are the "good guys" in comparison to Pakistani hackers who repeatedly tend to hurt India. Speaking to Newsweek, a group member said: "I honestly believe our attacks have affected at least 60 percent of their government.

"We don't operate on any Pakistani Operations, however we do support the Indian hackers if they need help. We will take down Pakistani websites ... It's not that the Indian hackers want to attack Pakistani sites, there is a war between them and the Pakistani hackers ... we upgraded the capabilities of the Indian hackers."

The group has also previously claimed responsibility over the hacking of several Islamic State (Isis) websites, as well as Trump.com. Following a recent hacking of the Trump website, the group tweeted: "Trump attacks stopped for now. Tomorrow will be a hell of a day for Donald Trump. His fault for not getting the right protection ‪#NwHackers."

Earlier BBC too suffered an outage in internet services due to a similar DDoS, which the BBC press office had said was "a technical issue". However, BBC's technology correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones later tweeted saying New World Hacking has claimed responsibility over the attack.