Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has ordered state authorities to look into blasphemous content in social media and eliminate them. On Tuesday, 14 March, the Pakistan premier said that peddling blasphemous, anti-Islamic materials in cyberspace would remain an unpardonable offence.

Directing government officials to bring those violators to justice, Sharif said there should be no delay in implementing the measures.

In a statement, he said: "The blasphemous content on social media is a nefarious conspiracy to hurt the religious sentiments of entire Muslim ummah.The matter has already been taken by the judiciary."

"All [concerned] institutions should trace the perpetrators behind such content and ensure they are handed out strict punishment in accordance with the law. The Prophet Muhammad is the benefactor of entire humanity," added the Pakistani leader.

He also insisted that those working in the government-backed establishments should not be using blasphemy-related laws to settle personal scores.

Pakistani state machineries have been clamping down heavily on anti-Islamic content in various social media platforms. A petition has also been filed with the Islamabad High Court whether the country should ban Facebook as the social media giant has not yet removed posts that are critical of Islam or Muslims.

At an earlier hearing, the court had summoned several top ministers and chiefs of regulatory bodies seeking an explanation on the measures taken to curb blasphemous posts.

Pakistan has some of the harshest laws to crack down on blasphemy and any remarks considered sacrilegious against Islam are usually punishable by death. This is not the first time Pakistan is acting against entities which are mocking at Islam.