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Chinese media has warned India against becoming a pawn to the US and Japan, who are aiming to contain China's rise in the Asia-Pacific region - File Photo of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping Reuters

The US and Japan are using India as a pawn to contain China in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean regions, Chinese media warned in a recent editorial, noting that their efforts will not yield results. The article also made an indirect reference to India's opposition to the proposed China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Taking a dig at some recent Indian media reports that highlighted the growing security collaboration between the US, Japan and India, the editorial published in Global Times on Saturday (11 March) said that New Delhi needs to change its perception about Beijing in order to prevent threats.

The state-run media noted the "Asia-Pacific security pattern seems to have entered a phase of uncertainty" because of the mysteries surrounding US President Donald Trump's future strategy. The article added that India is lagging behind in competition with China and hence, wary of its development.

The article also accused India of relying on external forces for its security and development, citing lack of confidence in its status as a major power. It accused the US of increasing military presence in the Asia-Pacific and warned that nothing these countries do would stop "China's rise".

"Washington hopes to use New Delhi to contain China in the Indian Ocean. Tokyo wishes to counterbalance China in the Pacific Ocean with the help of New Delhi.

"All these seem to be strategic opportunities for India, but they are actually nothing more than traps. Once India falls into them, the country will become a pawn for the US and Japan and will lose numerous opportunities while facing more risks.

"If India changes its perspective, it will discover more opportunities rather than threats," the article read.

The article suggested that the best option for India was to "be more open to its neighbours and join regional development programs such as the Belt and Road initiative", refering to the proposed economic corridor that China plans to build to establish trade links with Pakistan. However, India has opposed to the contentious route as it includes some disputed border areas.

The article warned India against siding with the US and Japan and instead cooperating with Beijing as both the nations "have the potential to play bigger roles in Asia-Pacific security".