Pamela Anderson has offered to adopt the golden retrievers that are being used in experiments at Texas A&M Lab, in an effort to put an end to animal cruelty.

Texas A&M Lab is infamous for subjecting poor innocent animals to pain and abuse in their mission to find cures for certain types of illnesses. Golden retrievers, known for being friendly and smart, among others, are reportedly used at the lab in their research experiments on muscular dystrophy.

Being an animal lover and an outspoken animal activist, Anderson wrote a letter to Texas A&M University President Michael K. Young expressing her desire to put the dogs in a loving home. In her letter, the "Baywatch" alum first thanked Young for "ending the breeding of dogs with canine muscular dystrophy" at the lab. She then revealed that she is "deeply troubled by the thought" of the remaining golden retrievers and other dogs still trapped in the lab.

"I'm writing to offer to adopt these remaining dogs," Anderson wrote in the letter she shared on Pamela Anderson Foundation.

The actress then spoke about Star, her golden retriever and "beloved companion" for 17 years. She also talked about sharing her home with other golden retrievers after Star died.

"After he passed away, I shared my home with other beautiful golden retrievers: JoJo, King, and now Zeus, who could use some canine friends," Anderson wrote in the open letter she sent to Young with the help of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The 52-year old actress then reiterated her intent to adopt the dogs that are still at Texas A&M Lab. She said she would "like nothing more than to give the dogs still in your laboratory the same love and care that I've given my other dear companions."

"Please commit to ending Texas A&M muscular dystrophy experiments on precious golden retrievers and to releasing the remaining dogs in the laboratory for adoption. I'm ready to welcome them into my family," Anderson closed her letter.

Letter to Michael K. Young President Texas A&M University

— Pamela Anderson (@pamfoundation) December 5, 2019

The former Playboy model is an Honorary PETA Director and is not the only Hollywood celebrity who has joined the fight in the end to animal experimentation. Other stars who have voiced against the practices at Texas A&M include Paul McCartney, Lily Tomlin, James Cromwell, and Bill Maher.

Pamela Anderson
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