The first day of the Running of the Bulls on 7 July at the San Fermin festival has taken place in the northern Spanish city of Pamplona with a total of 11 injuries.

Three of those taken to hospital are reported to be in a serious condition after being gored by bull horns.

The six animals from the Jandilla stockbreeders took just two minutes and 23 seconds to make their way through the streets of Pamplona to the city's bullring. The notoriously slippery surface of the route, due to the previous night's partying, led many of the bulls to lose their footing.

Every year thousands of tourists from Spain and across the world descend on Pamplona to take part in the festival.

"The first day you're just nervous," said one runner from the US. "I think the first day the best thing to do is just get it over with. You're no longer nervous and you can sleep and the next few days is just like getting up and going to work.

"Today was really nasty because it hooked a kid. I'm not sure whether he took a horn wound or whether he was just rolled around on the cobblestones. I'm just glad it's over and now we can just settle down and seriously try to run."

The Jandilla bulls that ran through the streets of the city on Tuesday morning were due to take part in a bull fight at Pamplona's bull ring later during the day.

The festival runs until 14 July.