The body of Jalissa Adams-Frison has not been found since she was reported missing in August 2019. Her parents, Hezile Frison and Monica Adams took the child from the care of a relative before leaving her to die in a field in Wisconsin, United States. Even though the child's body was never discovered, she is believed to be dead. Her parents were sentenced on multiple charges. The mother has been placed on four-year probation while the father had been sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison.

While the primary caregiver of the two-month-old baby was asleep, her parents reportedly took her out of the relative's home in Kenosha, Wisconsin. When the couple returned, the relative asked them about the whereabouts of the child. They were reportedly "argumentative" when questioned by the relative.

Eventually, Frison's sister, Sparkle Diggins, reported Jalissa missing. The police questioned the parents to figure out where the missing child was. The parents came up with different narratives as to what happened to the child. Eventually, the father told the police that he and his partner were responsible for concealing the body of the child.

He led the police to a field where they reportedly left the child's body in a bag. Investigators searched the area but were unable to find the remains of the infant. According to Kenosha News, the investigators did find a torn bag that matched the description of the bag that the child was abandoned in.

The parents reportedly told the police that they found the child dead in the crib. Fearing that Frison might face charges for the child's death, they decided to get rid of the body. According to Fox Six, a relative of the parents revealed that the couple did not feel any "emotional connection" with the child. It is unclear if the child was dead before being abandoned. The cause of the child's death is also unclear.

Investigators discovered disturbing search history. Frison had reportedly searched terms like: "What type of animals are found in Kenosha" and "What is the only way a parent can not go to jail if a baby dies."

Frison was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison and five years of extended supervision. Adams was spared jail time as the judge took her imprisonment before the trial into consideration. She had been placed on a four-year probation.

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Two-month-old infant abandoned in a field by her parents. (representational image) Metropolitan Police