Kapoor Paris sculpture
Anish Kapoor has planned a sculpture critics say looks like a vagina for the Palace of Versailles. Fabrice Seixas/Kapoor Studio

First Paris had its massive "butt plug" - now visitors to the Palace of Versailles could soon be confronted by another controversial piece of art - a "huge vagina".

Renowned artist Anish Kapoor will on Tuesday, 9 June, unveil a monument called "Dirty Corner" at the Château de Versailles that has already been described as looking like a vagina.

The piece features a gaping steel funnel among shattered rocks and, according to Kapoor, represents "the queen's vagina" taking power.

It has already drawn opposition with Versailles's mayor François de Mazières tweeting that the provocateur had "slipped up".

Voices from the blogosphere have also rounded on the sculpture, saying it is inappropriate, while Twitter users have called for for a boycott.

It comes one year after American artist Paul McCarthy's "butt plug" Tree sculpture courted criticism for apparently "humiliating" the French capital.

A total of six pieces by Kapoor will be on display in the palace and its gardens, including "Shooting Into the Corner", which features a canon firing 5kg bundles of red wax against a wall.

Paris Tree artwork
Critics said Paul McCarthy's Tree brought embarrassment on Paris Reuters