The Eiffel Tower has been closed after terrorist attacks left at least 127 people dead in Paris. Islamic State (Isis) have claimed responsibility for the attacks, which took place in a number of locations across Paris on 13 November.

The French army has been brought into the city centre. Canadian tourist Elisa was visiting the Eiffel Tower, and said she has mixed views over how safe the landmark is.

"I feel like it's kind of a target, but at same time I feel that there is heightened awareness, heightened security. So it might be a little safer today, not entirely sure," she said.

The attacks included a massacre at the Bataclan music venue, where at least 87 people were killed by four militants, who then ignited suicide vests in the venue. There were also two suicide attacks at the Stade de France, and a number of shootings at restaurants across the city.

Despite this focus on cultural and social spots, some tourists have no been deterred. Indian tourist Rasheel said, "We are seeing a lot of army personnel with guns, armed, so we are feeling pretty unsuitable for us, but still that once where is fine, that people are really enjoying the atmosphere, they respecting of the attack, what happened last day".

French President Francois Hollande has declared a "state of emergency", calling the attacks an "act of war".