Dozens of terrified people run for their lives, their screams intermittently drowned out by the sound of rapid gunfire searing through the Parisian night, in dramatic video footage captured by a journalist for the French newspaper Le Monde.

The video shows people running out of three emergency exits and into an alley during the attack at the Bataclan concert hall on Friday, 13 November.

The fleeing concertgoers run past – and over – the bodies of people, collapsed on the floor outside who had been struck by bullets from the terrorists' assault rifles. Other people desperate to survive the massacre can be seen clinging to the outside of the building, between the first and second window to hide themselves from the gunmen.

In other tragic scenes, the injured are dragged to safety along the alleyway by friends, leaving behind bloody trails on the road. An injured woman can be seen in agony on the floor outside an emergency exit, screaming for help.

Nearly 90 people were massacred, and scores injured, in the Bataclan concert hall, where Californian band the Eagles of Death Metal were performing after the terrorists took hostage then blew themselves up.

The footage was captured by Daniel Psenny, a journalist with Le Monde newspaper, who lives in an apartment behind the Bataclan venue. He was subsequently wounded when a bullet struck him in the left arm, after he left his flat to help injured people on the street.

Psenny first realised there was an incident when he heard the sound of what he thought was firecrackers going off. At first he believed the gunshots were coming from his TV, because he was watching a crime thriller at the time.

President Hollande has declared state of emergency across France, and has deployed 1,500 troops after a near-simultaneous series of explosions and shootings brought Paris to a horrified standstill overnight. Currently, the death toll stands at 127 and around 200 other people were wounded, officials said.