The first CCTV images of alleged Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam on the run have been released. The images were taken at 9.45am on 14 November at a petrol station in northern France.

Hours earlier Abdeslam had taken part in the deadliest terror attack in French history, in which 130 people were killed in multiple bomb and gun attacks on a sports stadium and nightspots in the French capital.

In the footage, Abdeslam appears relaxed and is alongside Hamza Attou, one of the two accomplices who allegedly drove Abdeslam back to Belgium after the attacks. They make no attempt to conceal their faces from the camera.

Attou and fellow getaway accomplice Mohammed Amri were subsequently arrested by Belgian police. Attou's lawyer revealed that the three smoked marijuana on the drive back to Belgium.

Abdeslam remains on the run, with French police having missed the chance to arrest him three times after stopping the getaway car on its way back to Belgium. As Abdeslam was not at that time registered as a suspect in the attacks, they allowed him to proceed.

Abdeslam is believed to have driven the Paris attackers to their targets in a hired car. A vehicle containing his fingerprints was found abandoned near the Bataclan theatre, were concert-goers were massacred.

After the attacks he reportedly contacted the two alleged accomplices to come and pick him up, and threatened to blow up the car unless they took him back to Belgium.

Salah's brother Brahim was killed in the attacks, detonating a suicide vest outside a busy cafe near the Bataclan theatre.