Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has said the Paris attacks were an "attack on all of us". At least 127 were killed on 13 November, after gunmen and suicide bombers targeted the Stade de France, a music venue the Bataclan and various restaurants across the French capital.

Corbyn said, "[It is a] terrible situation for the people that were there, and we have to send our support and sympathy to all of the people in Paris. They are, like London, like so many cities around the world, vibrant, multi-faith, multicultural societies. This is an attack on all of us that stand for the kind of fair and inclusive societies that we want to all live in,"

"I'm sure we'll be increasing security around London. Obviously we have to prepare everybody to be more careful and hope that such a terrible event doesn't happen in London or indeed any other city anywhere in the world," he added.

Prime Minister David Cameron has been chairing a COBRA meeting after the attacks and said he was "shocked" by the attacks on Twitter.