Vivienne Westwood's Gold Label show in Paris on 3 October saw a strong Venetian theme take hold, as well as dramatic floating jackets as part of a broader message about the threat of climate change. The show, entitled 'Mirror the World', was inspired by the idea of saving the city of Venice from the threats poised by climate change with clothes all carrying the rich Venetian colours of its glorious past.

The fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood, explained that the skill behind the collection was all the work of her husband, Andreas Kronthaler. "My husband did this show and he is a genius and it is going to be amazing, it's really good that I hardly ever helped him this time and therefore it gives me the opportunity to say this is the great couturier, this man," she said.

The venue, at one of Paris's most distinguished medical schools, saw models sashay down the catwalk beneath vast shining disco balls and colourful light projections. Models bore bold makeup, some with war-like stripes across their face, and male models wore badges emblazoned with the message "Politicians Are Criminals" – a campaign started by Vivienne Westwood. The collection, Westwood explained further, was a plea to the activists of the world to mobilise in the fight against the disappearance of many world cities due to climate change.

"If we have climate change, Venice will disappear along with anything from a line level with Paris it will be gone, within a generation. We are the last grown-ups who can actually save the future," she said.

The Venetian theme saw beautifully tailored prefect-style jackets join vintage floral prints as well as long tailored jackets which hung magically above the models' heads. Male models wore tights and silk jackets in the style of a harlequin as well as long toga-like dresses with high cork wedges. The gold of the affluent 12th century Venice featured throughout, intricately embroidered dresses as well as shiny two pieces in the famous Westwood style.