The Eiffel Tower was dressed up with a colourful light show on 30 September, which was designed for Paris Fashion Week. The slogan "Fashion loves Paris" was projected on the French capital's famous monument.

Special lighting will be displayed on the Eiffel Tower every night for the duration of Paris's ready-to-wear fashion week, which kicked off on 29 September with presentations of the new collections for spring/summer 2016.

"Today is a great moment. I am very happy, the Eiffel Tower is a great lady, it is a great lady which is a symbol of Paris and this is really a message, a signal we are sending to the whole world. Paris supports its creators. Paris supports fashion and this fantastic sector which makes dreams, which makes many, many people work within the city of Paris and Paris is the capital of fashion," said Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo.

"We have an advantage that others don't have. We have all the fashion workshops, the workshops with people we call the 'little helpers', all these artistic professions that accompany fashion and that are maintained here in Paris. Nowadays, New York envies us and would like to attract and build such an industry made up of all these handcraft fashion workshops."

In Paris, about 60,000 people work within fashion, an industry that continues to generate significant output for the French capital. Designer Christian Lacroix said Paris never ceases to inspire and influence fashion lovers around the world.

He said: "It is the city, the centre, the epicentre like a earthquake and always the creators, wherever they came from, they would feel the need to come express themselves and create in Paris. It is an English man that created high fashion here. But he didn't do it in London, he did it in Paris. And nowadays everyone still converges in Paris. It is Paris which concludes the fashion weeks and we do not know why. I think it is because it is at the crossroads of all influence: from north, from south, from west and from east."

Paris Fashion Week runs until 7 October, with upcoming shows from Dior, Chloe and Chanel.