Paris Hilton is a socialite, a reality TV star, an actress, a model, a businesswoman, but the hotel heiress is also an "amazing cook" in her words.

The 38-year-old has launched a cooking show on her YouTube channel, naming it "Cooking With Paris." For the pilot of her new web series, Paris Hilton cooked lasagna and for once we heard her using her classic catchphrase "that's hot" for something that was literally hot.

Declaring her culinary prowess in a Trumpian fashion, Hilton said: "As you all know ... well, maybe not all of you know. People who do know know that I am an amazing cook." Standing in a deluxe island kitchen with her Chihuahua, Diamond Baby, Hilton reveals she will be cooking her "infamous sliving lasagna." "Sliving" is not a variety of lasagna, but a catchphrase that Hilton coined two-months ago, a mashup of slaying and living. She says she has chosen to make lasagna because she has loving memories of her mother making "pastas and lasagnas" when she was a kid.

In the 16-minute long tutorial that went live on Monday, Hilton was seen introducing some new cooking skills, one of which was cooking with a fingerless leather "chef's gloves." She starts the process by boiling the lasagna noodles, but shows frustration at not being provided with the pasta that she usually uses that don't need to be "steamed."

After dropping the pasta in the water that wasn't yet boiling, Hilton goes on to grab the rest of the ingredients from the refrigerator- ground beef, ricotta cheese, and mozzarella. There is another hiccup in her cooking session, as she finds she doesn't have shredded mozzarella. Hilton frustratingly tells her viewers: "I would recommend getting shredded mozzarella because now I have to grate the cheese. This is my first time cooking here so I have no idea if I even have (a cheese grater). Tired because of all the extra work she has to do in absence of prepared ingredients, Hilton says: "I'm making this a lot more work than it is."

Calling the extra work "annoying," Hilton says, "I have a much bigger appreciation for already shredded mozzarella now. I've had a long day, as usual." "That's why I wear my chef gloves," Hilton then says, showing off her fingerless leather gloves.

Hilton's video has been receiving a lot of hilarious reaction from the viewers, many of them gaping upon her chef-gloves, her almost setting her waist-length hair aflame while standing over the stove, and her use of three spatulas to work the beef.

One of her other kitchen hacks that grabbed the attention was soaking a paper towel with bottled water to dab the top of the beef mound to sop up the excess salt. "Who know's what's in these sewers?" Hilton says about her choice of bottled water instead of tap water, reports New York Post.

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton posing for the cameras (File photo) Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

"I'm in love with what a mess this is.. she's cooking with fingerless gloves on, hair down, sleeves down, and keeps bi****ng about everything that requires effort loll," a user commented, while another said: "After all these years, Paris utters "That's hot" after touching something that is literally hot. What a time to be alive!"

"Lol I can't tell if this is real or she's joking and just parodying herself. Lmao," another YouTube user comments.

Regardless, Hilton has announced the next episode of her web series will be released next Monday. The hotel heiress also asked her fans to recommend what they would like to see her cook after her "Paris Lasagna."