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Cooking meals for yourself and your loved ones at home can be fun and fulfilling. Plus, you can fully assure that your family only consumes healthy and clean food that benefits their overall well-being. However, not everyone has the time to prepare or cook meals daily, especially those with busy schedules or active lifestyles.

It's an unhealthy eating habit to rely on fast food or instant food for convenience because the body doesn't get enough nutrients to function properly this way. Ideally, you should pick healthy and easy-to-prepare meals that will fuel your mind and body throughout the day. Well, The Bitbag Team has done the work to provide you with a list of easy-to-prepare meal kits that will satisfy your hunger and save you time all at once.


Indulge in fresh and deliciously healthy home-cooked meals every day without worrying about buying and preparing ingredients and spending hours cooking. HelloFresh offers a wide variety of recipes designed by professional chefs and nutritional experts suitable for different lifestyles and needs. Each box contains easy-to-follow recipes, pre-measured ingredients, nutritional information, and food allergies.

HelloFresh Box
Indulge in fresh and deliciously healthy home-cooked meals everyday. HelloFresh

HelloFresh meal kits are convenient for people with busy schedules and who lack time to cook but aim to maintain a healthy diet. You can choose which HelloFresh box caters to your preferences, including the number of recipes and servings. They have a family-friendly box, meat and veggies box, veggie box, quick-cook box, pescatarian box, and fit and wholesome box. You may also swap proteins and sides, depending on your dietary preferences.

Order HelloFresh
Just select your meal plan and your box will be delivered to your doorstep. HelloFresh

All you have to do is select your meal plan and your HelloFresh box will be delivered to your doorstep. In just a few minutes, you can have your lunch or dinner ready to feast on with your family or devour yourself. You are also free to change meals and skip a week without hassle. HelloFresh uses sustainable packaging, so you can reuse it to help in reducing plastic waste. Use the code HELLOAFF50 to get 50% off your first box and 35% off the following three boxes.

Order your first box now and enjoy a hearty meal without a long preparation time.


If you prefer a flexible meal plan, EveryPlate is a good choice as you'll get affordable home-style recipes and high-quality ingredients. You can easily skip a week or cancel your subscription five days before your next scheduled delivery. With that, you won't feel pressured to commit, and you can keep track of your meal plan at your convenience.

EveryPlate Meal
Get affordable home-style recipes and high-quality ingredients. EveryPlate

You can choose from four meal plans: classic plate, veggie plate, family plate, and easy plate. EveryPlate offers 18 diverse recipes that change with every week for a regular diet. Each meal kit includes the ingredients you need to prepare three delicious meals and recipe cards with step-by-step instructions. The nutritional information can be downloaded five days before your delivery on "View complete nutritional info" on the recipe detail page.

Blue Apron

Discover more than 50 weekly chef-designed recipes you can prepare instantly for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and even midnight snacks. Blue Apron assures that all of their food contains plenty of nutrients for you to consume despite your hectic schedule. They have a specific menu for vegetarians, health-conscious, carb-conscious, and family gatherings or get-togethers. Top chefs craft all of their recipes to provide you with meals of the highest standards.

Blue Apron Meal
Top chefs craft all of their recipes. Blue Apron

You'll be satisfied with personalised nutritious meals. Simply indicate your dietary preferences upon selecting your meal plan, then let Blue Apron do the work for you. Wait for your meal kits to be delivered, and you can quickly prepare your meals following step-by-step instructions. Serve excellent meals without hassle, whether for simple dinner or special occasions!

Good Eggs

Bring the ambiance of your favourite restaurant to your home with Good Eggs. You can prepare exceptional meals and dishes - from appetizers and side dishes to main courses and desserts - without cooking for hours. For the main course, they offer pork, beef, fish, pasta, and plant-based options. They also have salads, one-pot cooking, and family and kid-friendly meal kits available.

Good Eggs Meal
Prepare exceptional meals and dishes without cooking for hours. Good Eggs

Simply select your preferred recipes and they will be delivered right to your doorstep. Each meal kit comes with fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes that let you prepare meals, dishes, and snacks in less than an hour. Good Eggs will give you the best dining experience at home that will keep you full and relaxed after a long and tiring day.

Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen will make it easier for you to switch into or maintain a healthy diet with their wholesome, nutritious, and savoury ready-to-eat meal kits. They provide high protein, low carb, keto, paleo, and 30 whole selections so you'll have plenty of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also bring these meals to work if you please.

Snap Kitchen Meal Kits
Snap Kitchen will make it easier for you to switch into or maintain a healthy diet. Snap Kitchen

You may choose between six and 12 meals per week. Customise your own box by selecting your preferred meals, then have it delivered in just a few days. All meals are perfectly-portioned and contain zero preservatives, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, hormones, and other junk. You only need to reheat each meal in three minutes, and you're all set!


Enjoy distinctive meals as if they were personally prepared and cooked by chefs for you. FreshDirect has various delectable recipes that will surely satisfy your sweet and savoury food cravings in the healthiest way possible. You can specify which meals suit your needs and dietary preferences. They have high fiber, low calorie, low sodium, low-fat, and vegetarian options.

FreshDirect Meal
Enjoy distinctive meals as if they were personally prepared and cooked by chefs for you. FreshDirect

They also caters to all types of eaters as they offer beef, poultry, seafood, and vegetarian meals. You may select which meals work best for your schedule. Some can be prepared in less than 25 minutes, while others may take 30 to 45 minutes. Either way, FreshDirect provides special meals that will level up your dining experience and allow you to explore different cuisines.