Malorie Bantala
Kevin Wilson was sentenced to life for killing his and Malorie Bantala's (pictured) unborn son in an attack in Peckham

Kevin Wilson has been sentenced to life in prison for killing his unborn son by stamping on his ex-girlfriend in a brutal ambush. The 21-year-old, from, Bermondsey, attacked Malorie Bantala in a savage assault in June as he did not want to be a father and she refused to have an abortion.

Teaching assistant Wilson kicked and stamped on the stomach of Bantala with an accomplice while the pair wore crash helmets, killing the 32-week unborn child and causing Marks & Spencer worker Bantala to lose six litres of blood. She was returning home from buying gifts for a baby shower.

Wilson was found guilty at the Old Bailey by a unanimous jury verdict in December along with Taffari Grant, a 17-year-old from the Bermondsey area, who was recruited by Wilson to help in the assault. Grant will be detained for 10 years after he was found guilty of child destruction and GBH.

As Wilson was convicted last year, Bantala shouted "I could kill you, Kevin, do you understand? I will f****** kill you. Drop dead," towards her attacker. An impact statement from Bantala said the real victim was her unborn son Joel, who she said would "never know how much I love him".