Lapras pokemon
Lapras a rare ice pokemon has been blamed for the death of a man in Singapore Commons / Bestary

A pensioner died of a heart attack moments after catching a rare Pokemon Go character. The 67-year-old had managed to hunt down a Lapras on Sunday (26 February) in Singapore.

But the unnamed man had a history of cardiac problems and the special find appeared to much for his body to take. He collapsed and died in Marina Bay Sands at 5.30pm local time.

Doctors and police were able to piece together the man's final movements by looking at his phone. They ascertained that just before he died he had caught the rare ice Pokemon Lapras. He had also snagged a second-generation Granbull while out hunting.

He died near the entrance of the Bayfront MRT station. His wife later told reporters that this was one of his favourite spots for capturing the digital beasts. Ice Pokemon are more commonly located near water.
The man was an accomplished Pokemon Go player: he had collected over 200 creatures and was a level 28 master, according to asiaone.

His 66-year-old wife received a phone call from Singapore General Hospital shortly after he died. She said: "There was a sudden call from the hospital after 6pm. "They ([medical staff] told us to come see him one last time. At that moment, I knew things were bad."

The couple had attended a family member's birthday lunch during the afternoon. The man had then gone home, got changed, and headed out hunting.