The home of a couple in Bradford, West Yorkshire was raided on July 9, 2019, after police received a tip for child pornography. Having confiscated computers, laptops and mobiles owned by Rehan and Haleema Baig, the police discovered depraved images and videos. Not only did they find pornographic images of children, they also found images of the couple sexually abusing a dog and videos of the husband raping chickens. Bradford Crown Court sentenced the husband to three years in prison. The wife was spared prison as she claimed that she was in a coercive relationship and had left her husband.

The couple recorded the abuse of the animals using their mobile phones and a GoPro camera they rigged in the cellar of their home. The animal abusers reportedly started by penetrating chickens which were pets of the family. In the videos, brown and white chickens can be seen being raped by Rehan.

In some of the videos, Haleema can be seen in the frame. She can be heard saying words of encouragement or making moaning sounds. In one of the videos, the depraved man is seen having sex with his wife and sexually abusing a hen as well. From many of the videos, it is clear that the man penetrated the animals until they suffered and died. The videos showed him tossing the chicken corpses into bin bags. In one video, he is seen penetrating a chicken which has already died.

The animal abuse did not end at poultry penetration. From the property in Great Horton, Bradford, police recovered images of the couple engaging in sexual acts with a dog which did not belong to the family. The police seized two computer towers, a laptop and a mobile phone. On the devices, they also found images and videos of child sexual abuse.

Rehan pleaded guilty to the charges of animal abuse and charges of possession of child pornography. He also pleaded guilty to the possession of 405mg of cocaine and 4.07g of cannabis resin, the Daily Mail reported. Bradford Crown Court sentenced him to three years in prison. The 37-year-old has been placed on the sexual offenders' registry for life. He has also been banned for life from owning an animal.

The court heard that Haleema had left her husband. She told the court that she was a victim of domestic abuse. Since she left, she has been living in a women's refuge. The court heard that Rehan had made secret videos of the couple and had threatened the wife with them. Even though she aided and abetted the acts of animal abuse, based on evidence of domestic abuse she got away with a suspended sentence.

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Man who raped chickens to death jailed on multiple charges. (representational image) REUTERS/Stringer