Guests at Avalon Guest House in Leeds experienced a disturbing attack from a sex-crazed pervert who was employed by the establishment. John Guntipilli-Souriappan entered two rooms on December 11, 2019, and proceeded to molest the women occupying the rooms. Guntipilli-Souriappan pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault and might be deported after his prison sentence is over.

Guntipilli-Souriappan's first victim was a woman who had returned to the property after attending her office Christmas party. When she reached the guest house, her key was not working so she called the manager at around 1:30 am. The manager informed Guntipilli-Souriappan, who let the woman into the building.

After the woman went to her room, Guntipilli-Souriappan knocked on her door saying that he had heard shouting. When the woman said she was alone so her room was not the source of the sounds, Guntipilli-Souriappan molested her. He hugged her, kissed her cheeks, and kissed her neck. He then told her he would return. The terrified woman told him not to do so.

Leeds Crown Court
Leeds crown court sentenced pervert to more than three years in prison for two counts of sexual assault. Wikimedia Commons

Guntipilli-Souriappan did return and opened the woman's door with a spare key. He then switched off the lights and proceeded to touch the woman inappropriately. When the woman told him to leave, Guntipilli-Souriappan left her room and went to molest another guest.

The Daily Mail reported that the second victim had been sleeping in her room with her husband. When she felt Guntipilli-Souriappan touch her, she assumed it was her husband. Later, she realised her husband was sleeping with his back turned towards her. The woman alerted her husband and the couple chased Guntipilli-Souriappan but were unable to catch him.

Guntipilli-Souriappan returned by himself and asked if he should call the manager. The couple locked the room and called the police. Even after the manager asked them to open the door, the couple refused until the police arrived and arrested Guntipilli-Souriappan.

The 35-year-old pervert switched off the property's CCTV between 2.05 am and around 3.30 am, during which he performed his sickening deeds.

Guntipilli-Souriappan has previous convictions for breaching a restraining order and for battery. He pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault. Leeds Crown Court sentenced him to three years and eight months in jail. Laura Addy, mitigating officer, claimed that Guntipilli-Souriappan's family had fled India after suffering a religiously-aggravated assault. To avoid being deported after his sentenced he might have to apply for asylum.