Pete Davidson dumped Kim Kardashian after nine months of dating because he realised that Kanye West's ex-wife was not as fun as he thought she was, a new report claimed.

Sources told Globe Magazine that Davidson found out that being with Kardashian was not that exciting. The mother of Psalm, North, Chicago and Saint is allegedly a "bore," which prompted the comedian to end their romance.

An unnamed source told the publication, "Kim was too self-obsessed and closed-minded to satisfy Pete, or so he says. He got bored with being the one who made all the effort and found her insecurity and need for reassurance a major turn-off. He's looking to sow his wild oats with someone who truly gets him and can keep up with his sex drive, which Kim absolutely could not."

The same insider suggested that Pete Davidson does not like the way Kim Kardashian's body looks. The "SNL" alum allegedly also hates the reality star's obsession with getting plastic surgery and other treatments.

It added that Davidson thinks Kardashian is "superficial" for always wanting to look her best. The tipster went on, "Pete's close friends know the truth. It's a real insult to Kim. He feels bad it didn't work out with Kim, but he's relieved that he's done with all her family drama."

Previous reports suggested that Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian's split did not have anything to do with a lack of personality chemistry. Instead, the former lovebirds allegedly broke up due to "distance and schedules."

There were also claims that the "spark" had faded in the relationship between Davidson and Kardashian. Other speculations suggested that "The Kardashians" star felt things were getting too serious.

A tattler told Hollywood Life, "When she was in Australia, as much as they had a great time, they also had some very deep talks that led them to them ultimately deciding to break up. There were a lot of things stacked against them. There's still a huge attraction between them and a strong connection, so it's not like it ended badly, but at this point, Kim seems clear that it's over."

For starters, Pete Davidson has been filming the movie "Wizards!" in Australia, and his schedule has only continued to get busier with the comedian taking on a number of projects following his "Saturday Night Live" exit. Kim Kardashian, for her part, has been staying in California, taking care of her four kids and managing a myriad of businesses.

The Hollywood Life source added, "Pete being so far away in Australia put a lot of strain on things, the distance hasn't been easy to navigate. Pete wanted Kim to stay in Australia with him for an extended amount of time, and she just isn't at a place in her life where she can do that. And the thing is, Pete is only getting busier, so it's not like this issue is going to go away. They had to face some hard truths, one being that they're in different places in their lives."

Pete Davidson has yet to comment on the claims that he dumped Kim Kardashian after learning that she is a "boring" person. So, avid followers of the ex-couple should take all these unverified reports with a pinch of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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